Our Partners

We're proud of the strong and lasting relationships that we build with our partners - working together to provide the very best experience for patients.

Clinical Partners

NHS Partnership
The arrival of Covid-19 brought unprecedented pressure to the NHS. Transform Hospital Group stepped up to help combat the challenges it presented to the health service, partnering with a range of NHS trusts to ensure that patients who needed care the most received vital treatment at our hospitals, Burcot Hall in Bromsgrove and The Pines in Manchester.

Private Partnerships
We work closely with a variety of private healthcare independent providers, consortia and national groups who utilise the state of the art facilities in our hospitals and clinics. Through providing flexible, tailored formats from patient consultation through to pre, peri and post-operative care, we are able to accommodate a range of different requirements.


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Supplier Partners


A global breast implant leader, Motiva focuses on patient safety. Its innovative technology and advanced manufacturing practices provide the optimal patient experience. Motiva's range of advanced smooth implants includes the world’s first - and only - ergonomic and smooth anatomical implants.


Mentor® is part of the Johnson & Johnson® global healthcare company which has over 30 years of expertise in silicone gel technologies. The gel used in Mentor MemoryGel and Mentor MemoryShape implants feels soft and fluid, holding together uniformly and giving the natural feel of breast tissue.


Transform Hospital Group's partnership with global pharmaceutical giant Allergan allows patients to benefit from its portfolio of leading brands. These include first-class injectable anti-wrinkle products, as well as leading dermal filler product Juvederm.


Our partnership with healthcare market leader Novo Nordisk allows us to offer a wide range of weight loss solutions to our patients. Its self-administered weight loss treatment can help them to lose weight, and can help to combat weight-related health conditions.


At the forefront of compression garment and surgery recovery wear provision, Macom® offers a range of compression bras designed to help in recovery from breast augmentation surgery. They provide stability and protection, having been specifically designed for breast surgery recovery, and help achieve fast and effective post-surgery healing.


The global leader in the field of energy-based medical solutions, Lumenis believes that better technology brings better standards in patient care. Its ground-breaking products have redefined medical treatments and have set a number of technological and clinical gold-standards.


Novus Medical is a leading UK medical distributor of clinically proven medical and aesthetic technology. The company is driven by a passion for improving patient outcomes and its award-winning portfolio of devices includes the Cool Laser, Ultraskin II and Sylfirm X, offering non-invasive technology which can treat a wide range of skin conditions as well as medical concerns such as women's health and snoring. 


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