01 December 2021

Your Career: Christine, Clinical Services Director

“Nurses who join us at Transform Hospital Group really do have the opportunity to provide increased levels of care to patients. That’s because we always maintain a high nurses to patient ratio – in fact, some might say that it’s a luxurious ratio when compared to the NHS!

We believe that if we care for our colleagues, in turn they’ll provide excellent care to our patients. Our nurses are able to grow professionally and progress quickly through the competency-led enhancements we’ve made because we’re unbureaucratic and flexible. That means we can continually assess their competency and, of course, reward them accordingly.

Caring for elective surgery patients can be a culture shock to nurses who join us from the public sector – it’s planned care, so as well as generally dealing with ‘healthy’ patients, we’re able to be more flexible in shift patterns, and we have planned closures of our facilities at the festive season, for example.

Of course, life at Transform Hospital Group can be challenging for our clinical colleagues at times – as it can be in any healthcare setting - but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Our nurses work directly with our consultants, so they’re able to build solid working relationships with them, and they gain additional knowledge and expertise from these ‘mentors’ which helps them to keep on developing their professional skills.

We know how important training is, and we invest time and money in making sure that our clinicians have the opportunity to keep on learning outside their usual working environment. For example, we’ve sponsored several clinical colleagues’ Surgical Assistant courses at university where they receive an accredited qualification, and have sponsored ward nurses to undertake a Mentoring qualification.

If I had to choose three words to describe what we expect from our nurses, it would be care, dedication and flexibility. And what we provide in return is exactly this – we genuinely do care that our nurses are happy in their roles, we’re dedicated to supporting them throughout their career, and we’ll adapt wherever we can to accommodate their individual circumstances.”