09 November 2021

Working with family: The benefits of turning a relative into a colleague

Here at Transform Hospital Group, we firmly believe that to provide the best service and highest standards of care to patients we must employ the best people and help them grow both personally and professionally.  

We spend a lot of our waking hours at work, and at Transform Hospital Group we’re committed to making work a place that’s enjoyable, collaborative, and respects and recognises the contribution that every member of the team makes.  

And it seems that we’re doing something right, because our current employees aren’t hesitating in recommending their friends – and sometimes, their family – to the business. 

That was the case with Leanne. She enjoys being here so much that she successfully recommended a very close relation for a role with us. 

Leanne, a Weight Loss Support Advisor, started with Transform Hospital Group back in 2011. She’s spent the last ten years gaining a range of experience across several departments within the business, expanding her skills and interests, before permanently joining our Weight Loss Support team.  

Almost a year ago, Leanne spotted a job vacancy that seemed like the perfect way to introduce her son, Jack, to the way of life she knows and loves. She told him all about it – and the rest is history! 

We caught up with both Leanne and Jack for a quick Q&A about their roles at Transform Hospital Group, and what it’s really like working for the same company.   

Q. Leanne, tell us some more about your career at Transform Hospital Group.  

A. I’m currently a Patient Advisor for weight loss surgery support. Prior to that I worked across a number of different departments and also on reception, then was offered a permanent role within the Weight Loss Surgery Support Team in 2012. It’s been a fantastic 10 years!

Q. What was the position you recommended to your son, Jack?  

A. Operating Department Support Worker/Theatre Healthcare Assistant.

Q. What was it about that job role that made you think of recommending Jack?  

A. Jack had recently completed his Access to Health Diploma and was taking steps towards his Adult Nursing degree. I mentioned this to our HR team and let them know that he was looking for a healthcare role that suited his course. Not long afterwards, HR passed on the details for the vacancy for an Operating Department Support Worker. Jack applied, and he had a successful interview. I knew he’d be a perfect addition to the team and would have the chance to develop his skills, so reaching out to him was an easy call to make!

Q. How does it feel to have your son as a colleague? 

It’s great. I feel proud of Jack, and it’s fantastic to see him progress within his role. It’s helped build his confidence and provided him with the experience required for his chosen career path, as he’s gaining great insights into patient care at Transform Hospital Group. 

Q. Jack, we’d love to hear more about your experience with THG. What were your first thoughts when Leanne told you about the role?  

A. I was immediately interested and couldn’t wait to apply, as I had been looking to pursue a healthcare role! Transform Hospital Group seemed like a great fit, and I was already familiar with the business through my mum.

Q. How long have you been in your job role?  

A. I started in theatre on 6th November 2020, so just under a year. Time really has flown!

Q. What’s your favourite part of your role?  

A. I love learning on the job and having the opportunity to observe operations. Receiving advice and support from qualified nurses and ODPs is great, too, to help me gain more knowledge and expertise.

Q. How does it feel to have your mum as a colleague?  

A. It’s certainly is a new experience! She’s a real inspiration to me, though, especially knowing as I can see first-hand how hard she works and the satisfaction she gets from what she does.

Leanne and Jack have found the perfect place to realise their career dreams in Transform Hospital Group – and you could too!  

Interested in joining a workplace with a culture that encourages growth, learning and achievement? Then check our latest vacancies for one that suits you – just like Leanne and Jack, it could be the perfect fit.