17 December 2020

Why now could be the time for a ‘Nobody Knows Job’


While ‘tweakments’ are becoming much more common and talked about, some people who want to have cosmetic surgery or medical aesthetic treatments may still want to keep it on the down low. 

That is why, with lockdowns likely to reduce or even come to an end next year, Transform Hospital Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics, has found that many patients feel now is the perfect time for what has been coined the ‘nobody knows job’.  

Helen Green, national aesthetics nurse at Transform, said: “Wearing face masks in public can easily disguise the immediate effects of any work which has been done to your face including any potential redness, bruising or swelling. And, with face-to-face meetings still not on the agenda and emptier than usual diaries, some are finding it is an ideal time to get procedures done discretely with an under-the-radar recovery. 

A lack of sunny holidays for the foreseeable also means patients don’t have to worry about scars and bruising on the body being on show, and because many of us have been spending less this year, people are finding they have more spare money than usual to perhaps get something done that they’ve wanted for a while.” 

In fact, since the first lockdown at the beginning of the year, Transform Hospital Group has seen an increase in weight loss treatment enquires of 600% and an increase in cosmetic surgery enquires of 267%*. 

Transform Hospital Group’s Top 5 ‘nobody knows jobs’: 

Surgical rhinoplasty – Nose surgery usually requires around two weeks off work. While recovery time varies from person to person, bruising can last for two weeks and you’ll be required to wear a nose splint to protect it following your operation. With face masks compulsory in public, these can easily help disguise your nose while you recover. 

Liquid nose job – This involves using fillers to help to smooth out any bumps on the nose. While it is less invasive than surgical rhinoplasty there can be a little bit of swelling and bruising following the treatment which again can easily be hidden with your face mask. 

Face lift – Many people like to have a PDO thread lift on their neck and jawline to help diminish any loose or sagging skin. Side effects are minimal but like all procedures swelling and bruising can appear. When these are carried out on the lower half of the face, again a mask can disguise any evidence of you ever having had it done. For surgical face lifts there will be an increase in bruising and you’ll need to wear bandages following the procedure. 

Lip fillers – The aftereffects of having lip fillers are usually minimal but some swelling and bruising can occur following the injections. These swelling tends to disappear within a couple of days, bruising can last a little longer, but for those who may feel self-conscious out in public while they recover, their lips will easily be hidden under a face mask so no one will ever know.  

Weight loss surgery – There is a lot of commitment and preparation that goes into having a gastric band, sleeve or bypass including needing to follow a strict diet before and after the procedure. With less socialising and meetings, now would be a potentially easier time than others to have this surgery done discreetly. 

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* Figures have been taken from enquiries received in Jan – March 2020 compared to July – September 2020.