07 April 2021

‘Roadmap Resolutions'


‘Roadmap Resolutions' revealed as just over four in ten Brits plan end of lockdown health kick. 

  • 41% of UK adults are planning on losing weight 
  • 38% have gained weight in the last year 
  • 30% have lost weight over the last year 

As we reach the one-year anniversary of the UK’s first lockdown, and with our sights firmly set on the 21 June, normality at long last seems to be on the horizon.  

Many are looking ahead to the future - planning family gatherings and holidays to mark the end of restrictions  with others turning their attention to their health and fitness.   

In a survey of 2,002 UK adults carried out by Censuswide (between 10 -12 March 2021) and commissioned by Transform Hospital Group, 41% of Brits said they are planning on losing weight as one of their ‘roadmap resolutions’. 

The survey results showed health is at the front of many people’s minds, as 38% said they are hoping to increase their fitness, and 37% aiming for healthier eating habits as we continue the journey out of lockdown.   

Nearly 4 in 10 (38%) of Brits have gained weight in the last twelve months, with half citing less exercise due to lockdown restrictions as the reason behind this, and 40% of them claiming comfort eating due to lockdown and COVID worries was responsible. 

Of those who have gained weight, 24% have experienced backache and 23% shortness of breath as a result, and 19% said both their sex life and sleeping patterns have been negatively impacted.   

By contrast, 30% of UK adults surveyed have lost weight over the last year, with 17% shedding over a stone.  40% of them hailed an increase in walking as the reason behind their weight loss, and 29% said they have had more time to cook healthy meals.   

44% have felt self-conscious about their weight in the last month, and 35% agree1 to having found themselves turning to looser fitting and more comfortable clothing during lockdown. 

Christine Mozzamdar, Clinical Services Director at Transform Hospital Group, said: “It’s really interesting to see how the nation’s weight has been affected as a result of lockdown restrictions, and the knock-on impact this can have on confidence, our health and even how we dress. 

It’s entirely understandable that people have gained weight during this period, but a hugely positive sign that so many are now planning on improving their health and fitness.  People are looking to focus on their wellbeing, which for some means losing weight, as we edge closer to the return of social gatherings and events.   

I hope the resumption of activities such as outdoor exercise and the reopening of gyms will give people the boost they need right now and help them on their health journeys over the next few months.” 

Transform Hospital Group is the UK’s leading holistic weight loss service provider, with its range of solutions including dietician-led programmes, weight loss supplements, self-administered treatments and surgical interventions, tailored to patient’s individual weight loss and wellbeing journeys.