18 January 2021

‘Lockdown bodies’


The toll being at home has taken on our appearance.

A leading cosmetic surgery, weight loss and medical aesthetics provider has revealed the impact lockdown has had on our bodies - from saggy boobs to the so-called ‘tech jeck where the jaw and neck are affected - and the nips, tucks and tweakments that might be considered to combat this.  

As the UK remains in lockdown, many are noticing the toll that working from home, Netflix binging and being less active is having on their bodies.  

With millions having turned their bedrooms or kitchen tables into an office for the large part of the last 12 months, the physical – as well as the mental – impact is becoming clear.  

Helen Green, national aesthetics nurse at Transform Hospital Group, said: “We’ve all heard about the ‘Zoom boom’ and people wanting to have cosmetic surgery or medical aesthetic treatments after scrutinising themselves on daily video calls. But while there has been a lot of focus on the facepeople are now also becoming more aware of changes from the neck down. 

“A poorly positioned workstation and eight hours a day hunched over a laptop can cause lots of problems, and lack of movement, sunlight and excess screen time can also take their toll. The good news is that there is lots we can do to help overcome our ‘lockdown bodies.” 

Bad posture/lack of support

Lots of women, having got into the loungewear groove while stuck at home, are forgoing wearing a bra as regularly as they normally would, and many are also sitting hunched at a desk for long periods of time, all of which can lead to sagging of the breasts due to lack of support. Men can find that they develop ‘man boobs’ (or ‘moobs’) as they perhaps put on weight due to less activity and adopt the ‘stooped’ posture while toiling at an unsuitable work station.  

The solution – It’s really important to ensure you have good but comfortable support from a bra, and that you make sure your home working spot enables you to sit correctly. If you’re very unhappy with any sagging, a breast lift – or mastopexy – could be worth considering. This will remove excess skin and tighten up the area to improve the shape. The procedure can also work for ‘man boobs’ 

Sitting still 

Sitting still for a prolonged period of time can reduce blood flow to certain areas of the body, resulting in varicose veins, which can be unsightly and cause pain. Inactivity can also lead to weight gain. 

The solution - There are lots of treatment options on offer at Transform Hospital Group to help remove varicose veins. Non-surgical options include Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), which uses laser light to seal the varicose vein from the inside, or Radiofrequency VNUS Closure which uses heat instead of a laser. There is also a surgical option called Vein Avulsion, where a small incision is made into the skin and the varicose veins are removed by highly qualified surgeons. 

There are also a wide range of weight loss solutions – both surgical and non-surgical, as well as dietician-led advice – which can be discussed during a consultation to find the best treatment option.  

Excessive screen time

Using screens for much of the day can cause us to continuously squint, which can worsen the development of premature fine lines and wrinkles. Looking down at devices for long periods also encourages wrinkling and sagging of the ‘jeck’ (jaw and neck area), leading to unsightly ‘tech jeck 

The solution - For deep persistent lines, anti-wrinkle injections or fillers may be able to help. Profhilo is a long-lasting injectable that can be used before having fillers. It gives an extremely concentrated hit of hyaluronic acid – the ‘holy grail’ for supple, youthful skin that stimulates collagen and elastin – right into the dermis. Profhilo is often used before fillers to ensure dramatic and longer lasting results – similar to a primer enhancing a make-up application. 

Staying indoors

Being devoid of vitamin D from sunlight and a lack of good old fashioned fresh air has left some people with dull, tired skin, no matter how many ‘at home’ facials they attempt or skincare regimens they put in place.  

The solution - While making sure to follow the current guidelines around going outside, it is so important to get out in the fresh air, not only to benefit mental health but to help our skin too. Being outside provides our skin with vitamin D which is vital for cell growth and repair, which contributes to reducing the signs of premature ageingTransform Hospital Group’s Hydrafacial can also leave skin glowing by helping to brighten, hydrate and rejuvenate.  

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