28 July 2020

Leading practitioner in medical aesthetics shares essential preparation tips for patients


With lockdown measures easing and businesses beginning to reopen, we’re starting to feel like ourselves again. And Transform Hospital Group, practitioners in elective surgery and medical aesthetics, has started to welcome patients in again, having begun to open its clinic network’s doors from July 15. 

Interest in treatments has significantly increased recently - during June, demand for Transform’s medical aesthetic treatments (which includes injectables and fillers) increased by over 100% as the normal routines of patients show signs of resuming. 

Although people have waited a long time for access to their medical aesthetics procedures during lockdown, they should seek these at a regulated provider, such as Transform Hospital Group, to ensure their safety when undergoing treatment. 

Dr Asher Siddiqi, medical aesthetic expert at Transform, also says it is vital to approach treatments with caution and avoid rushing in too quickly. 

It has been a challenging time while we’ve had to adjust to a new normal during lockdown,” he said. “But while we’ve not been able to keep up our regular appointments whether that be at the gym or the hairdressers when it comes to medical aesthetics treatments, it’s important to ease ourselves in and not overindulge during your first appointment.” 

It’s important to understand how your skin might have changed during lockdown, so it is always best to speak to a consultant who can advise on best course of action.  

Dr Siddiqi said: For some of our skin treatments, it is better for patients to ease back into their regime. Most skin treatments occur every 4-6 weeks, so after lockdown, patients may have to use a lighter peel, or less invasive Microneedling treatment so that they do not cause any damage to their skin as they start to rebuilt their tolerance to these procedures.   

For our injectables these usually last around 6-12 months, so there is no need to ease back into things. However, it is important that people do not rush to get a lot of filler injected all at once. We recommend 0.5-0.75ml in the lips at one time to ensure that the contours are not damaged and the results remain natural. 

While a new approach may need to be taken for lockdown skin, patients will also see some other changes, including new safety measures, when they enter their clinic again for the first time.  

These include being asked questions about their health in relation to Covid-19 before they arrive, attending appointments on their own (unless they need extra help) and temperature checks on arrival. They will also see that clinics will have numerous infection control measures in place such as an enhanced cleaning regime, new hand sanitiser stations, protective screens at reception and staff wearing full PPE. Wherever possible two metre social distancing will also be adhered to.  

Dr Siddiqi added: “While naturally the demand for medical aesthetics decreased when lockdown measures were first put in place, we’ve been seeing a steady rise of enquiries coming in over the last few weeks as we’ve started to ease out of lockdown. We’re excited to be able to open up our clinics once again to ensure that we can do all we can to help our patients look and feel their best while ensuring strict safety standards are in place.” 

For more information or to book a consultation visit www.transforminglives.co.uk