11 February 2021

Burcot Hall Hospital Steps Up NHS Support



Further partnerships in place to alleviate strain on health service.

Transform Hospital Group has partnered with an additional NHS trust in the Midlands, continuing its bid to support the health service and patients in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Burcot Hall Hospital in Bromsgrove, part of the leading healthcare provider’s UK-wide network, has reached an agreement for 2021 with Wye Valley NHS Trust. 

The partnership is in addition to those forged locally with Worcester Acute NHS Trust and University Hospitals Birmingham in 2020 – a year which saw Transform Hospital Group carry out more than 1,800 NHS surgeries that would have otherwise been cancelled.  

The team at Burcot Hall Hospital will perform orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries on behalf of Wye Valley NHS Trust, whilst patients of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust awaiting cancer resections will also be supported at the private specialist facility in Bromsgrove. 

Transform Hospital Group’s support of the NHS also extends to the North-West of the country, as its team at The Pines continues its support of Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust with cancer-related breast reconstruction and dermatology surgeries. 

The continuing NHS partnerships cement the independent healthcare provider’s ongoing commitment to support the health service, which dates back to the very start of the pandemic, when it opened its doors to hundreds of patients to help avoid delay or cancellation of their procedures. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, Transform Hospital Group – which ordinarily specialises in bariatric and cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics – adapted its entire clinical network in just seven days, to provide facilities and staff on a not-for-profit basis to the NHS. 

Tony Veverka, CEO of Transform Hospital Group, said: “The ongoing pandemic continues to put the NHS under immense pressure, but our partnerships with local health service trusts ensure that patients undergo much-needed procedures that otherwise may be postponed indefinitely, or cancelled. 

“Throughout the pandemic we have been committed to helping the health service in any way possible, with NHS surgeries representing more than a fifth of our surgical work during 2020.  Our teams continue to prioritise alleviating pressure across the service to ensure patients who need it most receive appropriate care and treatment. 

“The new partnership at Burcot Hall allows us to broaden the scope of care offered and will see the team treat NHS patients across a range of procedures including soft-tissue and cancer resection surgeries, alleviating pressure on our partners at Wye Valley and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS trusts. 

Elsewhere, we will also continue to work with Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust via The Pines – and our support will not stop there. 

“Our teams stand ready to offer any additional help they can to the health service to reduce waiting lists and make a difference to the lives of the patients they treat. 

“These types of partnership promise to be an important step change in how the public and independent healthcare sectors interact, not only during the pandemic, but also in the future. We firmly believe that the value of public-private partnerships cannot be underestimated in bringing about a focus on the delivery of integrated, localised and patient-centred care.”