03 September 2021

Accelerated change in the time of COVID

Transform Hospital Group has transitioned from having only a direct to customer acquisition route to market in early 2020 to having other flourishing B2B routes in mid-2021 – changes which were accelerated by the COVID pandemic.


Like many other businesses, Transform Hospital Group was in an extremely challenging situation as the pandemic hit and the first nationwide lockdown was introduced in March 2020. With all of its core elective services and surgeries suspended with little warning, action was needed to ensure that the organisation could not only survive, but thrive, during an unprecedented time.

The leadership team acted quickly to adapt the business model so that it could remain operational during this time. The actions that THGL took would see it overhaul its entire operation within a matter of weeks, ensuring that it could continue to generate revenue whilst also playing its part in helping the NHS at a time of national crisis.

It was clear the health service was going to require support like never before, and Transform Hospital Group was in the unique position of being able to offer medical facilities, hospital space, and qualified, experienced staff.

Despite having no previous experience of providing services to the NHS, the company pivoted its entire business model to support the management of its patients during the first peak of COVID infections, making its two hospitals – The Pines in Manchester and Burcot Hall in Bromsgrove – available to the health service.

Four key partnerships were forged with the NHS throughout 2020 and into 2021 - Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust, NHS Worcester Health and Care Trust, University Hospitals Birmingham, and Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Ventilator capacity was provided, and the partnership with NHS Worcester Health and Care Trust saw Transform Hospital Group take in patients from its acute service – people who ordinarily would have been transferred to a community hospital once deemed medically fit for discharge. The partnership with University Hospital Birmingham enabled THGL to accommodate NHS surgical procedures.

Speedy training and development was a major objective for the organisation, which invested substantial amounts in training to ensure colleagues were fully up to speed in working practices and protocol for the patients they would treat, including the elderly and frail, as well as delivering end of life care.

Theatre teams utilised their transferable skills to provide support and care on wards, ensuring consistent and safe staffing levels at all times. As partnerships with the NHS evolved, new employees with specific skills such as critical care and orthopaedics were recruited so that the requirements of increasing patient numbers could be met.

Innovation was key to Transform Hospital Group’s success in overhauling its service offering and supporting the NHS. A great deal of creative thinking was required in order to move away from the standard ways of working. As a result, over 2,500 NHS patients were able to receive the vital care they needed*, including those who underwent cancer operations that would otherwise have been postponed indefinitely.

The company has continued operating successfully through an extremely challenging time, and the transformation has completely shifted its long-term strategy and business model.

The NHS partnership has been so successful that it continues to play a key part of its business mix, with additional NHS Trust relationships having been forged, providing significant relief to health service capacity and helping patients who would otherwise still be on long waiting lists.


*As of May 2021