Lee Rycroft, Theatre Manager

Started out as cabin crew but knew he wanted a change so saw a careers advisor and once his likes and dislikes were taken into account, nursing was the career that seemed the best fit.

Mother was a night nurse so perhaps it was always meant to be

After qualifying spent a few years in the NHS working in ICU but found that changes were very slow to be implemented and everything was quite bureaucratic

Made his way to the private sector initially as a recovery nurse initially, before moving up to be a recovery lead. Went to university to gain a qualification in peri-operative care.

Gained extensive experience in the independent healthcare sector, including working on a project as a Deputy Theatre Manager to build a new hospital in Manchester which involved wearing a hard hat as it was built from scratch.

Moved on to become a Theatre Manager with private healthcare providers and then worked on an agency basis for 2 years.

How has Lee found life at Transform Hospital Group in comparison to other organisations he’s worked for during his career?

“You have much more autonomy. The skills and experience you have are respected and you have the breathing space to be able to do your job to the best of your ability – so often in the past, I’ve been constantly on a laptop or travelling a lot at home and abroad.

And the company is very receptive to change – suggestions are considered and often taken onboard. I like to get my team involved in discussing challenges, coming up with ways to overcome them and implementing any changes. I think that has a real impact on the quality of care that we’re able to provide to our patients. They’re never just a number to us.

We have a busy theatre, which means that we’re able to carry out more procedures and help change more people’s lives more quickly. The days certainly pass quickly, but that’s great – there aren’t the long periods of downtime that you can find in healthcare settings, which mean that time drags.

What I’ve noticed in my time at The Pines is how friendly the atmosphere is and yet it’s completely professional. Colleagues are involved in decision-making and my experience is that the communication is good – you’re kept in the loop and so nothing comes as a surprise. Although obviously Transform Hospital Group is a business, you do have the time you need to care for and look after your patients.

The company is evolving quite rapidly and although it’s a leader in cosmetic surgery, new modalities are being introduced, including orthopaedics and gynaecology. That’s exciting for my team, because they can acquire additional skills and continue to develop during their careers.

It’s an exciting time to be a nurse at Transform Hospital Group. Who wouldn’t want to be part of it?”